Writing your book alone doesn’t work anymore.

In fact, it never has.


Academic book writing looks something like this:

Hide in your office and write for months, or even years.

Summon the courage to ask a mentor, editor, or member of your writing group for feedback.

Receive feedback that’s either marginally useful or suggests a complete overhaul (after you’ve done a TON of work).

Return to your marked up draft with little idea of how to implement that feedback.

In the meantime, you’re trying everything. You have the few “how to write an academic book” guides neatly arranged on your bookshelf. You attended the panel at your professional conference where an editor told you “everything you need to know about submitting a proposal.” The writing group you joined is great for accountability but they don’t have the time to give you the substantive feedback you need.

You’ve been diligent in cobbling these resources together, but you still feel like you have no idea how to write that book.

You think you should suck it up and go it alone. After all, other people have. The guy who started his job the same year as you already finished his book (never mind that 2-year postdoc he had).

The #1 mistake academic writers make is believing that your troubles mean you’re uniquely unqualified to write your book.

You’re beginning to resent your book. You don’t even care how it sounds anymore, you just want it off your desk.

You don’t need another guidebook or a few comment bubbles on your chapter draft.

You need structured systems that will teach you how to transform your dissertation into a publication-worthy book.

Useful support in your book writing process would look like this: structured curriculum along with coaching and editing support that provides guidance as you implement the curriculum. That way, you wouldn’t end up with 30 pages or 3 months’ worth of writing that you have to overhaul in just a few weeks.

Imagine being able to regularly submit portions of your writing for written feedback, so you never get so far along that scouring your local grocery stores for Lysol wipes sounds more fun than revising your hard work.

Imagine being able to tackle your crisis of confidence with the support of a coach who knows what it’s like to work within a system that’s rigged to take incredibly bright, motivated, ambitious people and make you feel stupid, overstretched and unprepared.

Imagine having a new idea for your book and being able to workshop that idea with a developmental editor in a matter of days.

Imagine having a community of peers who cheer you on as you create scholarship that challenges the conventions of your discipline.

You’re ready to write your book in a way that will light you up instead of burn you out.

You believe your scholarship can make a difference. Your book can spark new conversations in your field and give the underrepresented communities you study the attention they deserve.

You want the confidence of knowing when and how to write your book. The idea of sitting down with a reliable plan for writing your book sounds even more appealing than a fairy godmother to grade your students’ final papers.

I know what it’s like to live in that stressed-out space between hysterical laughter and uncontrollable crying.

Hi, I’m Jane Jones, PhD.

Proud New Yorker, weekend bourbon drinker, and former tenure-track professor of sociology.

I was once an overworked academic like you.

During my first year as an assistant professor, I was under such intense stress that I developed a lactose intolerance. Eventually, after becoming disillusioned with the structural inequalities and what felt like outright-hostile working conditions of my university, I left academia to found Up In Consulting.

In my six years as a developmental editor, I’ve worked with writers who have published books with presses including University of Chicago, Oxford, Princeton University Press, New York University Press, and Bloomsbury.



Elevate is a 6-month, curriculum-based coaching and editing program for women in academia who want to transform their dissertation into a publication-worthy book using structured systems. It’s perfect for tenure-track academics or any Ph.D. holder writing a non-fiction academic book.


You'll learn how to:

Write a book. We’ll teach you how to develop a compelling framework and argument for your book, then use that framework and argument to structure each chapter. (so you can stop staring at a blank page and wondering what you’re supposed to write.)

Strengthen your writing skills through targeted instruction and consistent editorial feedback. (perfect for people who didn’t take “Book Writing 301” in grad school)

Build a solid and sustainable writing practice. (because let’s face it, you can’t write your book in a series of all-nighters)

Push through all the self-doubt and uncertainty that comes with writing a book. (With our help, you can manage that inner critic. Reviewer 2 is harsh enough!)


Bi-weekly group coaching calls

On these calls, we come together as a group to tackle the pervasive issues academics face while writing their books. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and receive live coaching on the call.

Editorial workshops for feedback

Our editing is delivered in two modalities.

In our editorial workshops, you’ll present your work for live conversational feedback from a developmental editor.

Written feedback from a developmental editor

You’ll also have the opportunity to submit a section of your writing for written feedback once a month.

This could be a portion of a chapter, an outline, or one of the writing exercises we assign you.

Video masterclasses

Elevate includes a series of video lessons on writing techniques, project management, and mindset.

The lessons cover topics such as discovering your ideal reader, developing a book overview, creating and sustaining writing systems, managing negative feedback, and cultivating your authority.

Access to Jumpstart

Jumpstart is our DIY project management course for book writers. You get immediate access to this program when you enroll in Elevate. It will help you develop your book writing timeline, incorporate your book writing into your greater publication pipeline, and manage your mind about your writing so you can create compassionate and sustainable habits.

“Jumpstart helped me acquire a realistic sense of the critical and multiple time frames I had to consider in completing a book manuscript, not only from proposal submission to book production but also the demands of the academic calendar and the tenure clock. The worksheets and tools provided were all useful and helpful. Above all, through Jumpstart I felt more knowledgeable in my interactions with the (acquisitions) editor. I knew what the critical questions were and where I could — and should — negotiate. Totally worth it!"

— Assistant Professor, Humanities

Private online community

In our private community (that’s not on Facebook), you can ask questions of the coaches and interact with your fellow Elevate members. There are daily accountability check-ins so that you can create focus and motivation for the day’s work.


Chapter templates

We’ll show you how to use an online program to organize all of the materials for each chapter of your book.

2-day writing retreat

We’ll have a two day retreat where you’ll have the opportunity to write in community with fellow Elevate members and participate in a series of workshops to help you become a stronger, more confident writer. Two whole days where you and your book are the #1 priority!

“One of my favorite things about editorial hot seats is how Jane can take a lesson specific to one scholar’s writing and expand it to make a broader editorial lesson relevant for the rest of the group. It’s been useful to apply these lessons to any writing project.”

— Assistant Professor, Urban Studies and Planning


Elevate will only be successful if you put in the work. If you’re not 100% satisfied with the program, the strategies, or support after 30 days, I will offer you a full refund.

You can wait to write your book, but how has waiting served you so far?

If you’re an academic writing a book, then I bet you are facing one or both of these concerns: your tenure clock is ticking, or (more importantly, in our humble opinion) you have a book that’s going to spark a transformation in your field and you know it deserves to be published sooner than later.


Is there a guarantee?

Yes. Our guarantee is that if you put in the work, Elevate will be successful for you. That’s because we only enroll you if you’re motivated and committed. We’re confident that you have the ability to be successful, and with the right structure and support, you will be!

I don’t live in the US. Will the calls be offered at a time I can attend?

We're based in Eastern Standard Time zone, so you might be able to make it! We can discuss the particularities for international enrollees on our consultation call.

Will you be offering this again 3 months from now, in the summer, or when I feel “ready” to write my book?

Elevate will be offered again. Our enrollment calendar is similar to the traditional semester schedule. What I ask, however, is that you consider what it would take for you to feel “ready.” In my experience, “ready” is not a prerequisite for succeeding in the program. That’s because you won’t feel ready to write your book until you know how to write the book!

What disciplines do you work with?

We work with all disciplines in the social sciences and humanities. In Elevate, we’ve worked with scholars in Film Studies, Archaeology, Anthropology, Gender Studies, Urban Studies, Sociology, Education, Media and Communication, English, Literature, Labor Studies, Art History, and Religious Studies. Many of our students are writing across disciplines.  

I don’t understand what an editorial workshop is. Can you explain it again?

For the hot seat, you submit a short writing sample (up to 1500 words) a few days before we come together as a group. That gives the Elevate editors time to review your work. When we come together as a group, the editor shares your work on the screen and you have a conversation about the writing (essentially, we’re having a writing workshop). In this format, you have the opportunity to see other Elevate members’ work and hear editorial feedback. This can give you loads of insight into your own writing.  

Should I just work one-on-one with a developmental editor?

There are many amazing developmental editors you can work with. The issue with post-production editing (or editing after you’ve completed a manuscript) is that if that editor identifies an issue in need of serious revision, it can be too late to make those revisions. In Elevate, you receive feedback as you’re writing, and instruction that ensures you start strong. That way, you don’t end up in the position of laboring over a chapter or entire book for months or even years then feeling like you have to start from scratch...again.

Would Elevate be good for me if I haven’t written anything yet?

Yes. We have a specific success path for authors who are just starting so that they can identify their main argument then start their book overview and outline. As long as you have all of your research complete, you’ll be able to work with us.  

I’m writing my second book. Can I still join?

Of course! Some of the book-writing instruction may feel familiar to you, but that just means you’ll be able to double down on your existing strengths and transform the processes you have that you might not love. The editing and coaching offered in Elevate is an asset for any book writer.  

“Jane Jones and the Up In Consulting team are just what I needed to re-energize my book project. I came to Up In Consulting needing to find a new entryway to engage my work. I’d spent about two years looking at my dissertation trying to reconfigure it into my first book, and I was left disenchanted that I’d ever be able to get out of my head and actually start writing again. The Elevate program was just what I needed to get out of my head and set up an affirming practice that fits in with my life.

— Assistant Professor, Archaeology

“The organization and content still shifted my perceptions of "book work," and the coaching definitely helped me feel more empowered in my process. I can see a path forward, I can see all the ways in which it is MINE, and I'm not sure I've ever felt this level of ownership or confidence in my ideas. I feel equipped.”

— Assistant Professor, Art History


12 Bi-weekly 75-minute group coaching calls

Monthly editorial workshops

Monthly written editorial feedback

Pre-recorded Video Tutorials

Access to Jumpstart

Private online community

2-day virtual retreat

Chapter templates

Your Investment $8,400
(or 6 monthly payments of $1,400)

$8,700 with university funding

Here’s the truth:

A successful book is one of the cornerstones of an academic’s career. Yet, for all the importance academia places on “the book,” there is scant guidance on how to actually write one. You could fill a lecture hall with guides on how to write fiction, but when it comes to academic writing — and books in particular — you’d be lucky to find enough useful instruction to fill a conference tote bag.

Writing a book does not have to be an intimidating, solitary experience. If you’re an academic writer who wants the expertise of an editor, the support of a coach, and a community of peers who know what it’s like to be writing a scholarly book, then Elevate is for you.

“I came across Elevate at a point when I was rapidly losing faith that I was ever going to complete my long-overdue book project. Looking initially for a developmental editor, I joined Elevate primarily because the timing was right and despite slight misgivings about the group approach.

From the word go I nevertheless found the community aspect of the program to be a crucial component, helping me feel supported and understood by a highly diverse (and often hilarious) group of colleagues all committed to a similar goal.

The mix of general coaching on writing as a professional practice and focused feedback on my own writing turned out to be exactly what I needed to re-boot my book project and restore faith in my own abilities as an academic writer.

The program’s extremely clear-cut approach to the practicalities of writing – including planning, realistic goal-setting, and managing feedback – has helped me form more productive habits and set more manageable goals for my writing.

Perhaps more than anything, Elevate has helped me call out the toxic obsession with productivity in academia that sets so many of us up to fail because we measure ourselves against unrealistic standards. I would recommend it to any academic who finds that they want to feel better about writing, not just get better at it.”

— Assistant Professor, Visual Culture


12 Bi-weekly 75-minute group coaching calls

Monthly editorial workshops

Monthly written editorial feedback

Pre-recorded Video Tutorials

Access to Jumpstart

Private online community

2-day virtual retreat

Chapter templates

Your Investment $8,400
(or 6 monthly payments of $1,400)

$8,700 with university funding

“The best thing I did for my sanity during my post-doc year was work with Jane. She has a gift for breaking down seemingly onerous projects into bite size, manageable pieces while providing a contagious encouragement and enthusiasm for the tasks at hand. Her expertise as a sociologist and woman of color scholar provided such an incredible sounding board for my ideas that other developmental book editors I vetted were not equipped to do.

She also worked with me to bring my vision for my work into the light, rather than imposing her thoughts about what she felt was most interesting couched in the language of academic rigor; this is a difficult balance to strike, and Jane navigated that terrain with dexterity.

My book proposal unquestionably benefited from her professional and intellectual perspective, and I fully intend to work with her in the years to come. I would recommend the full gamut of Jane’s editing and professional development services with total enthusiasm!"

— Assistant Professor, Sociology and Criminology